General ecological measures

We pride ourselves on implementing environmentally friendly practices to preserve our environment.

We also inform our guests about water and electricity consumption reduction, as well as public transportation schedules and mountain bike rentals to encourage the use of sustainable transportation modes.

We are also committed to ecological training for our staff to reinforce our commitment to the environment. We reuse paper and envelopes to reduce paper waste.

We believe that these ecological practices make a significant difference in preserving our environment, and we are proud to implement them in our hotel.

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The garden

For the maintenance of our herb garden at the hotel, we use an EDV-controlled automatic watering system that operates at night in a drip form to reduce water consumption. Furthermore, the installation is covered to protect it from obstructions and during grass mowing.

We are also committed to environmental protection by not using harmful pesticides. Instead, we only use compost as fertilizer for our herbs. We are also pleased to say that our herb garden is located in the rock for better use of space and a unique aesthetic.

Washing and cleaning

We have implemented environmentally friendly practices for the maintenance of our bathrooms. We use eco-friendly cleaning products in refillable containers to reduce plastic waste. Moreover, we choose CFC-free products to lessen the impact on the ozone layer. And we opt for eco-friendly textiles according to the "Öko-Tex" standard 100 to ensure the ecological quality of the materials used in our bathroom textiles.


We have installed double-glazed terrace doors and windows to improve thermal and sound insulation.

Our bathrooms are equipped with small volume bathtubs and flow meters to monitor water consumption. We use energy-saving lamps in all rooms and shared areas, and have implemented a power cut-off with your room key to avoid unnecessary energy waste.

We recover heat and use propane to reduce our fossil fuel consumption. We have also invested in modern CFC-free refrigerators and freezers, of which consumption is monitored repeatedly.

Finally, we produce our own energy through our CHP system, reducing our dependence on conventional energy and lowering our environmental impact.

Responsible products

We use recycled paper and reusable bottles to reduce plastic waste.

We have installed taps for beer and soft drinks on all counters to avoid plastic bottles. Moreover, we offer unpacked products on our buffets to reduce waste.

We use local products from the "vum Séi" region to support our local community and minimize our carbon footprint. We also avoid plastic cups and cutlery, and try to purchase products with minimal packaging.


We actively participate in selective pickups for recycling paper/cardboard, oil, food leftovers, batteries, printer cartridges, and toners, etc.

We have also installed glass containers to recycle bottles and reduce waste.

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