The History of Our Hotel

In 1969, Mr. Ben and Mrs. Sylvia, along with their two children, Ronald and Bianca, fell in love with Esch-sur-Sûre during their vacation in the village. It was at that moment that they discovered that the Hotel de la Sûre, empty since 1962, was for sale. After making a quick decision, they bought the hotel and started their own story from scratch.

In 1969-1970, renovation of the hotel.

In 1971, a disco/bar was opened.

In 1972, closure of the disco with the idea of running a hotel with a small restaurant-friture across from the hotel.

In 1978, purchase of the annex at Rue de la Poste 8.

In 1979-1980, renovation and refurbishment of 10 additional rooms in this annex, which opened in 1980. The hotel now had 20 rooms.

In 1986, the hotel purchased the "Schoug" building behind the hotel and renovated the bar.

In 1987, the new Comte Godefroy restaurant opened its doors.

In 1989, an annex of rooms behind the hotel opened.

In 1990, the new lobby was opened and all hotel rooms were renovated.

From 1990 to 1994, Ronald joined the Luxembourg National Team of Cooks and achieved 7th place worldwide among 38 countries.

In 1994, the bar-brasserie was completely renovated.

In 1995, the hotel entrance and lobby were renovated.

In 1996, all rooms in the Rue de la Poste extension were renovated.

In 1998, the café-brasserie, the "Am Schlassgaart" terrace, and hotel entrances were renovated.

In 1999, the little chips shop was renovated after a fire and was renamed Mc Ronald's Inn, in reference to Ronald, the son of the house.

In 1999, the hotel's type C rooms were renovated.

In 2000, a new construction on the hotel added luxury rooms with whirlpool baths and steam massage showers, as well as a small wellness area with a steam shower, sauna, and whirl pool.

In 2001, investments were made in a BHKW, as well as the purchase of "the staff house" and its renovation.

In 2002, the top floor of "the staff house" was extended: 2 type B rooms were added.

In 2003, fitness facilities and ping-pong were added to the main hotel building.

In 2004, the hotel was enlarged with a small multifunctional room for seminars and presentations, as well as a gallery and a small shop.

In 2007, the motorcycle garage and the first motorcycle bathroom were built.

In 2008, design studios with massage showers with hammam were constructed, 3 of which included whirlpool baths.

In 2010, the kitchens were renovated and the store "Schmaach ëm de Séi a méi" (regional products, handcrafted gift items, antiques) opened.

In 2014, the Rock Spa Wellness & Beauty Center complex, the new kitchen, the multifunctional - breakfast room "Bernard" and the new large terrace were inaugurated and put into service. More than 432 trucks of 30 tons of rock were extracted from the rock.Watch the video here

In 2016, renewal and expansion of the reception area.

In 2017, the first 2 "Zirbenholz" rooms in Benelux were added.

Today, the Hotel de la Sûre is a place of relaxation and well-being with modern facilities and comfortable rooms, while retaining its historical charm.

Visitors can enjoy local and regional cuisine, as well as cultural and leisure activities offered in the area. We are proud of the hotel's heritage and continue to develop it over time to meet the needs of our guests.

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