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hôtel de la Sûre
Permanent offers
  • For stays during the week save 15% on prices shown (excluding holidays and holiday season)
  • Ask our loyalty card to save 10% discount on stays
  • Free during your stay : access to our unique Rock Spa - Wellness & Beauty Center over 1500 sqm and 3 floors, carved into the rock, to our gym, table tennis, canoes, rowboats, slot racing, petanque, Wi-Fi.
  • Remember prices are always per person including VAT unless mentioned otherwise.

All our offers and promotions (without exception) are subject to our general conditions which you can read here unless mentioned otherwise in the offer

With the last Newsletter of this year

we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
The entire team at the hotel.



** Exclusive Christmas GIFT VOUCHERS promotion **

A gift for your gift vouchers !

The best time of year to give and to receive presents is probably Christmas and New Year's Eve.
Enjoy the unique winter landscape of Esch-sur-Sure and the wonderful Christmas season with your family or friends!

Are you looking for an appropriate Christmas present for your loved ones?

Offer one of our gift vouchers and get 10% off.
For example: for a gift voucher of 100.00 € you only pay 90.00 €

To order on: info@hotel-de-la-sure.lu

Enjoy it in our hotel, restaurant, spa & wellness or Shop Schmaach ëm de Séi a méi
We look forward to seeing you again at the Gourmet & Relax Hotel de la Sûre/Schmaach ëm de Séi a méi

Gastronomic offer for connoisseur of game

  • 2 nights in comfort room type C at the 'Logis des Chevaliers' with shower, toilet
  • 2 breakfast buffets
  • 1 menu culinaire 3 services aux produits régionaux
    • Potthucke ( création Maison )
    • Cassolette au Ragoût de Marcassin
    • Parfait aux Fruits Rouges des Bois
  • 1 menu gastronomique au spécialités de Gibier de notre région
    • Duo de Terrine de Chevreuil et Faisan au foie gras garnie
    • Crème de la Chasse
    • Croustillant de Feuilleté aux champignons sauvages des forêts et filet de biche parfumé
    • Sorbet Pomme Verte PROMODOS
    • Variation de Gibier suivant l’humour de la Brigade (Suprême de Faisan, filet de Chevreuil et ragout Sanglier )
    • Petite Palette gourmande du Maitre Pâtissier Laititia
  • 1 topographic map for walks in the Natural Park ÖEWERSAUER (120 km).
  • Road map with ideas for touring throughout Luxemburg.

Free access to the Rock Spa & Wellness during your stay

For € 167.00 per person in a double room Midweek (between Sunday and Friday)
(price weekend 218.50 €)

Extra charge for room with Whirlpool-Jacuzzi: 40.00 € per person
Extra charge for room with massage-shower with steam 30.00 € per person
Extra charge for a double-room for single use : 26.00 €
Extension night in half board 69.50 € per person

Must for connoisseurs!

come and test beauty treatments of in our rock spa Wellness & beauty center

Winter is coming! Allow yourself a moment of sweet and warm relaxation at the Rock Spa Wellness & Beauty Center!

Access to the wellness with bathrobe and towel included

  • Backscrub (10 min)
  • Backmassage (15 min)
  • Backwrap (10 min)
  • Eye Beauty Mask (15 min)
  • A mint tea afterwards

All this for only 55 € instead of 95 € - your loyalty card advantage

Gift boxes and jewelery for the end of year celebrations

Thalgo products and LysOr jewelery for men and women to offer for the end of the year



LASER hair removal


Result visible from the first session! A comfort of life for her and him ...
For life ! The « LASER DIODE LIGHT SHEER » destroys the hair root without touch the skin, it is not dangerous for the tissues (the epidermis). It is clinically proven, effective and safe. Essay and quote, 100% free.

We will be present at Rock Spa & Wellness

  • Wednesday 05/12/2018


Osez.lu is happy to offer you a good gift voucher of 25 euros on your first treatment.
In addition, by sponsoring a new customer, we also offer a good gift voucher of 25 euros on your treatment.

Interested? Please make an appointment at tel 839110


With half-day or full-day stopovers at the Rock Spa Wellness and Beauty Center, in DUO, with DINNER or with OVERNIGHT STAY;


We are at your disposal for any advice

on sale here, the unique advent calendar

You need ideas for your Christmas gifts?
We have plenty for you! MADE IN LUXEMBOURG

As the end of the year celebrations are approaching fast, order now your baskets or gift packages for the end of year celebrations or for any other occasion, stuffed with local products from Luxembourg.

We offer a range of baskets with different compositions and prices.
All baskets and gift packages are packed and delivered under certain conditions.

all our prices are in € and all taxes included

Schmaach ëm de Séi a méi
Rue du Moulin 1 - L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre - Tel 26 889 003 - Fax 26 889 464
schmaach@emdeseiamei.lu    -     www.emdeseiamei.lu

We offer baskets starting at 25 € that can be modified according to your wishes.

Some examples of price indications: 1 (25 €), 2 (30 €), 3 & 4 (35 €), 5 (45 €) & 6 (65 €) (excluding shipping costs)
Free shipping from a certain amount


25,00 €

Corbeille en osier
Pâtes au sarrasin
Moutarde à l'ail
Sauge séchée
Schokoroll (Petits biscuits enrobés de choco)
Biscuits à la cannelle

34,00 €

Corbeille en osier
Bière Eschlescher *(ambrée)
Gelée de fleurs de Pissenlit
Savon au chanvre
Sea biscuits à la cannelle
Biscuits spéculoos
Gelée de sureaux-raisins
Sachets de thés

35,00 €

Plat en verre argenté
Bière Eschlescher* (ambrée)
Bière Heischter *(blanche)
Moutarde à l'estragon
Thé Kraider
O-rings (chips)
Biscuits au beurre
Sea biscuits aux pépites choco
Kraiderpaerelen ( bonbons)



46,00 €

Corbeille en métal et tissu
3 Bières Eschlescher *
(étiquettes spéciales)
Bernard-Massard brut 37,5cl
B-M Cuvée de l' Ecusson brut 37,5cl
B-M Royal cassis 20cl
B-M Pinot-noir brut 20cl
O-rings (Chips)
Biscuits à la cassonade
Saucisses natures
Saucisses piquantes

65,00 €

Panier en osier
Clos des Rochers Pinot Gris 75cl
Bernard-Massard Brut 37,5cl
Huile de chanvre
Motarde à la bière
Miel de fleurs de printemps
Pâtes au sarrasin
Pâtes à l'épeautre
Gelée de fleur de Pissenlit
Savon doux à la camomille
Loumellen (bonbons aux plantes)

90,00 €

Plateau en bois
Modrëpp (Digestif aux plantes)
Bière Eschlescher* (ambrée)
Huile de Chanvre
Pâte au sarrasin
Pâte à l'épeautre
Moutarde à la bière
Gelée de sureaux-raisins
Confit au Porto
Foie gras de canard entier
à la fleur de sel 50gr
Huile de truffes blanches 55ml
Petit-Speltz (biscuits sablés)
Sea biscuits natures
Goldblumm téi-Thé de Souci en vrac
O-rings (chips)
Pralines mélangées 250gr
Savon au Pavot



15,00 €

Emballage transparent
Socle doré
Pâté de canard au poivre vert 180gr
Foie gras de canard entier
au Sauternes 50gr

25,00 €

Emballage transparent
Socle doré
Bouteille de crémant B-M brut 37,5cl
Foie gras de canard entier 130gr
Confit de figues au pain d'épices

52,00 €

Emballage transparent
Socle doré
Huile de truffes noires 250ml
Huile de truffes blanches 55ml
Foie gras de canard entier 130gr
Foie gras de canard au figues 50gr
Sauce aux truffes 80gr



8,90 €

Emballage transparent
Socle doré
3 Bières Eschlescher * (ambrée)
3 étiquetages différents

15,00 €

Emballage transparent
Casier vert ou orange
3 Bières Eschlescher*(ambrée)
2 Bières Heischter* (blanche)
Un verre offert

27,00 €

Emballage transparent
3 Bières Eschlescher* (ambrée)
Saucisse artisanale**
Saucisses artisanales apéro**


*The Eschlescher and Heischter beers are from the Heiderscheid Micro Brewery.

**The sausages come from Heiderscheid Véi vum Séi butchery.

35,00 €

Emballage transparent Socle doré
Clos des Rochers Auxerrois 75cl
Clos de Rochers Pinot Blanc 75cl
Clos des Rochers Pinot Gris 75cl
40,00 €

Emballage transparent
Marc de Luxembourg 50cl
Coffret en bois

48,00 €

Emballage transparent Socle doré
Thill Crémant Victor Hugo 75cl B-M Crémant Pinot- noir rosé 75cl B-M Crémant Roude Léiw 75cl


We are at your disposal to discover our products and also to taste them on the spot or take away.
Do not hesitate to contact us, my collaborators and I will be happy to help you.

Schmaach ëm de Séi a méi
Rue du Moulin 1 - L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre - Tel 26 889 003 - Fax 26 889 464
schmaach@emdeseiamei.lu    -     www.emdeseiamei.lu

EXhibition from the 4th october till the 8th dEcember

Opening on Sunday October 7th at 4 pm

Artist-painter from Bastogne, Rachel-Alexandre FREDERICK has been practicing oil painting since childhood.
The Ardennes are his only source of inspiration. A passionate observer of its forests and streams, he grasps with force and precision the reality of a landscape, a village or an undergrowth.

In search of light, including in his shadows or the light of a great day, he gives to his works the rigor and meticulousness of a realism full of emotion. Each of them presents a perfectly balanced composition, a drawing of quality and a flawless accuracy, the whole sublimated by a soft and lively touch, as varied as respectful of the harmonies.

Our themes - Take these dates down in your agenda!
01/12 - 03/12  Spare Ribs unlimited
07/12 - 09/12  Shrimps unlimited 4 course menu
10/12 - 25/01  Annual Closure
open 7 days / 7

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Schmaach ëm de Séi a méi
Rue du Moulin 1 - L-9650 Esch-sur-Sûre - Tel 26 889 003 - Fax 26 889 464
schmaach@emdeseiamei.lu    -     www.emdeseiamei.lu

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